Emily King

As a recent graduate and first-year teacher, I feel privileged and honored to be in such a wonderful district. After earning my BA, I moved to Gahanna in order to help take care of my ailing grandfather. I am currently living with my grandmother and enjoy spending quality time with my grandparents when I am not working. Family is incredibly important to me which is yet another reason I feel so lucky to be working for PLSD. The sense of community and collaboration is outstanding in Pickerington. When I am not with family, I enjoy reading, watching movies or documentaries, playing board games, hiking, snowboarding, and anything involving animals.

In our technology class, the kiddos will work to become a team of innovators. The students at TGMS are working with new technology to become problem-solving professionals! We are building a team of 21st-century thinkers that will be able to tackle the problems of the 22nd-century. We will accomplish all of this while having fun and learning how each individual has the power to make the world a better place. As Alan Kay said, "The best way to predict the future is to create it".


Graduated May 2016 with a BA in Middle Childhood Education (4-9) from the Ohio University.

Currently undergoing courses to complete K-12 Technology Endorsement from BGSU eCampus.