Janet Cundiff

My name is Janet Cundiff and I am a paraprofessional in the MD classroom. I am very excited to begin this new journey in the Pickerington School system. I have a background in management with Discover Card Services. My husband blessed me with the ability to change my career path from business management to "home" management and I have stayed home to care for our family of 6 children for the past 17 years. I even enjoyed a year of taking care of our first granddaughter. Our lives turned upside down with the birth of our youngest son, Jack and prepared me for my current career goals. He was diagnosed with Down syndrome about a week after his birth and he has been teaching our family so many new things for the past 9 years. I am looking forward to applying all that he has taught me and all that I have learned in teaching him to help the children in my classroom. God has certainly opened our family's eyes as we have embraced Jack's unique perspective on our lives.


Franklin University, Human Resource Management