Robert Furillo


Dear parents,

Welcome! I am a Spanish teacher this year. Parents, please access your parent portal infinite campus for updates for current assignments and assessments dates as I will use this daily. Additional resources for practice and help will be made available via your child's classroom google class, of which your child will have access.

About me, this will be my 18th year of teaching in this district and 26 overall. I learned Spanish as my second language through living, working and studying opportunities in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico and Guatemala. I have visited and traveled to other Latin American countries as well. Similiar to my previous experience working in the private and government sector before working as a teacher, learning Spanish will empower your child to not only have a competive edge in the job market, but also experience a greater appreciation of different cultures and customs.


B.A. in Spanish
B.A. in Latin American Field Studies
Education Minor
Kent State University

Masters in Secondary Administration
The Ohio State University

Additional Information

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, Bible study, reading, cooking,
gardening, home canning, traveling, playing musical
instruments, car repair, learning and trying new things

My Favorites
Pizza: Donato's Mariachi Beef
Song:"Gracias a la vida" by Mercedes Sosa
Book:The Bible
Movie: I don''t really have one. I like silly movies like Nacho Libre,
classic ones like Lawrence of Arabia, tear-jerkers like Life is Beautiful.
Food: Whatever is on the plate!
Web Site: answers in genesis
Car: 1963 Corvette (Sweet!)
Phobia:Fear of heights...
(good thing I'm not tall!)