Kevin McChesney

Hello my name is Kevin McChesney and I am known as TigerPhysics. You can find TigerPhysics on twitter (@tigerphysics), TigerPhysics is also on instagram (tigerphysics), TigerPhysics is also also on the web (, and of course TigerPhysics has an e-mail address (tigerphysics @ hotmail . com). If you are looking for Physics think TigerPhysics!!!

If you google search TigerPhysics, I am singlehandedly the top link for TigerPhysics and six of the top eight links at last check when you search for TigerPhysics.

In other TigerPhysics related news the last time I checked my Klout score was in the 50's. As TigerPhysics I believe my Klout score has increased because of how much I use TigerPhysics online. I want to thank everyone that has interacted with me as TigerPhysics to help me achieve such lofty online status. Tigerphysics thanks you!

Some may say it is too lofty of a goal to be the number one search result on google. But TigerPhysics has achieved this goal singlehandedly, although some people think it is delusional to have such goals, TigerPhysics does not listen to them.

When you think of physics think TigerPhysics. I have also been ordained in the United Church of Bacon as the Right Archbishop of Physics. TigerPhysics also has a black belt in Pun-jitsu.

TigerPhysics is also Pickerington Central's Football and Softball PA announcer.


Bethel Park Senior High School - Diploma
Capital University - B.A. in Comprehensive Science Education
Montana State University - M.S. in Physics and Chemistry Education

Additional Information

TigerPhysics, it's not just a name it is a lifestyle! Thank you for reading TigerPhysics profile page, TigerPhysics hopes you have a great day!