Dan Yeager

I teach the photography curriculum at PHSC. My goal is to provide Central's students with career ready contemporary photography skills, an appreciation for analog photography, and the skill to identity composition in the world around them.


Intervention Specialist License; University of Cincinnati

Master of Science in Computer Information Science; Nova Southeastern University

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Education; The Ohio State University

Previous Professional Experience:
Rolls-Royce, North America, 9 years
Project Management Systems Administrator
Responsible for collecting data from all stakeholders in the manufacturing process in order to update and maintain the Master Project Schedule, identified critical path for each project and identified root cause to help the project management team avoid project negativity, provided reports for senior management, as needed.

Project Administrator
Member of the Project Management Team responsible for tracking and expediting all phases of the manufacturing process of gas turbines and centrifugal compressors for multiple projects. Also served as direct client contact.

Technical Illustrator/Writer
Wrote and illustrated installation and maintenance manuals for centrifugal compressors, gas turbines, and turbochargers used in the oil and natural gas sector. Was the lead illustrator, creating isometric, exploded views from orthographic drawings using Interleaf and FrameMaker.

Additional Information

I am happily married, have 2 sons and a dog named Maya.

I shoot a lot and find myself floating between mobile photography, analog photography and digital photography. I feel we are in a great era for photography; you can shoot pretty much whatever format you choose or float around, like I do. I also enjoy hybrid photography, using vintage lenses on modern DSLRs/mirrorless cameras. What I like about photography is that you can experiment; I think that is how we all learn best.