May 25, 2020
Senior Equipment Collection Day Info

Also for any student that is withdrawing from the district or sophomores that will be attending either of the career centers next year. On Tuesday, May 26th from 8:00 – 3:00 PM at Diley Middle School, PLSD will be collecting all equipment from seniors. Equipment includes Chromebook, Chromebook power cord, PLSD hotspot, library books, textbooks, […]

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May 19, 2020
Technical Support Hours for the Summer

PLSD technical support hours are changing for the summer. The support team will be in the District Office (90 N. East Street) on Weds., May 20, to repair and collect any senior devices. The team will then take two weeks off before resuming office hours on June 10. After June 10, service hours will be […]

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May 14, 2020
Seniors Rock Chalk Walk Starts May 18

Get ready for the “Seniors Rock Chalk Walk” happening May 18-24 to honor our awesome Class of 2020: Draw sidewalk chalk art to honor a senior and/or write motivational messages to your neighbors during this challenging time. Let’s uplift seniors and each other! Chalk your sidewalk masterpiece in the neighborhood where you live or along the designated […]

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May 4, 2020
Introducing PLSD Pick Packs!

Pickerington Schools is pleased to announce that we are renaming our “Blizzard Bags,” the assignments that have been handed out and posted online to keep our students learning during the Coronavirus Closure. Beginning today, the name “Pick Packs” will be used to describe PLSD’s home-based learning during emergency closures that are not weather-related! We will […]

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May 1, 2020
PLSD Virtual Graduation Exercises Include a Live Streamed “Graduation Walk”

Dear PLSD Class of 2020, Last Thursday, we announced plans to move to a Virtual Graduation due to Governor DeWine’s extension of the Coronavirus pandemic “stay-at-home” order for the rest of the school year. At that time, we announced that our board and leadership team had not worked out the details of what the virtual program […]

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Apr 27, 2020
Remainder of the School Year Info for PLSD Families

Dear PLSD family, We know you have many questions about procedures, instruction, grading, etc., for the rest of the school year, so we’ve compiled and posted a list below with the most important facts you need to know, by category. As we continue to move through this challenging time, please know that we greatly appreciate […]

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Apr 22, 2020
Help Us Rename our PLSD “Blizzard Bags!”

Since we will be distance learning for the rest of the school year, please help us rename our “Blizzard Bags!” We’re looking for a name that better describes PLSD’s home-based learning during emergency closures that are not weather-related. You could earn a $20 VISA gift card AND PLSD swag if you come up with the […]

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Apr 21, 2020
Important Information About School Fees & Fee Refunds

The following is an important announcement about fees and potential fee refunds. Curricular Fees and Device Insurance Premiums Students in grades 5-12 have had Chromebooks at home with them during the building closure. Instruction is occurring remotely and classes are being completed in a remote or alternative setting; therefore, no refunds will be given for curricular fees […]

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Apr 20, 2020
PLSD School Buildings Closed for the Rest of the School Year

Dear PLSD family, Governor DeWine today announced the extension of the closure of Ohio school buildings due to the coronavirus pandemic through the remainder of the school year. That means that our remote learning and Blizzard Bag protocols put in place a month ago will continue for Pickerington Schools. I can’t thank all of you […]

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Apr 20, 2020
“TalkingPoints” Program Supports PLSD Non-English Speaking Families

Earlier in the year, the English Learner (EL) Department purchased a program called “TalkingPoints.” It allows Pickerington Schools to better communicate with non-English speaking families. All a family needs is a cell phone number — messages are sent in English to that number, but they are received in the language the family speaks. The family can […]

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