Introducing the Peachjar Digital Flyer Bulletin Board!

Our district wants families to know about valuable programs and resources in the community. To facilitate delivery of this information, approved community organizations can send their flyers home to families digitally through Peachjar. PEACHJAR WILL LAUNCH ON OCTOBER 27, 2021.

Flyer Approval Process

To request flyer approval, follow the steps below ON OR AFTER OCT. 27, 2021.. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed after that date.

  • Visit the Peachjar website.
  • Register as a Program Provider (account type)
  • Upload your flyer for approval

Your flyer will be automatically submitted to the district office for approval. Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to parents and posted on each school’s web flyerboard for your selected duration of time. Peachjar charges a fee for this service, which is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school. In some instances, the flyer fee may be waived for non-profit organizations, booster groups, PTO’s and other school-approved groups.