COVID-19 Dashboards

This page contains COVID-19 Dashboards which are updated every Monday, as well as information about COVID-19 case notifications.

There are now two separate COVID-19 Dashboards for the district: a Summary Dashboard and a detailed COVID-19 Breakdown Dashboard.

Summary Dashboard Information

Each Monday, the Summary Dashboard below will be updated with the latest information pertaining to each category. Listed are the key categories being used by administrators to guide the decision-making process.

COVID-19 Breakdown Dashboard

Positive or Probable Case Notification Letters

Once the district is informed of a positive or probable COVID-19 case that is confirmed with the health department, the district will send out the following letters:
* A letter of notice is sent to the entire building (both cohorts) stating there is a confirmed case.
* A classroom letter is sent to any person who is in class with the individual.

The district will contact anyone who has been identified as a close contact with the individual with specific instructions on next steps. This step usually includes a phone call and a follow up letter from the district. The local health department will also follow up with these individuals.

Families who are not personally contacted by the district and/or the health department are not required to quarantine according to the tracing guidelines for the case in question.

Guidelines for Quarantine After Exposure in K-12 Classroom Setting From Ohio Dept. of Health

Guidelines for quarantine after exposure image