College and Career Planning

Using Naviance to Explore Colleges

Students can use Naviance to discover college options that are tailored to their specific educational needs.  Start by logging into your Student Naviance account, then click on “Colleges” at the top, then “SuperMatch College Search”

Image is a screen capture of the instructions listed above.

From there, click “Select Criteria to Start” (see image below).  The criteria are:

Location – pick your location by state or region and select a setting (urban, suburban, small town, rural)

Academics – what kind of credential do you want?  Certificates are great to start a career and might take less than a year!  Associate’s degrees are two-year degrees and can be a really effective way to start in a field like Nursing or to get the first half of a Bachelor’s done at a lower cost.  Bachelor’s degrees are traditional four-year degrees.

Admission – talk about your standing as a student (GPA/ACT)

Student Life – think about the other parts of being a student on a campus

Diversity – what specific needs do you have?  Religious affiliations?  What is your self-identity?

Institutional Characteristics – what do you want in college?  Bigger?  Smaller?  Just right?

Cost – at the end of all this, don’t pay for what you don’t need!  You don’t want a bunch of debt when you could pay less for the same sort of credential.

Athletics – you want a place with sports?  Be sure to list that!  Not every college plays football!

Resources – if you would benefit from additional educational supports, be sure to mark it on your search.

Groups – lists other sorts of ratings systems.  Use if you feel it’s important.

Image depicts instructions given above in text.

Career Programs for Seniors

Auto Tech Programming

Infographic detailing the options described in the text below

Start your engines.
Turn your hobby under the hood into a career in our Automotive program.
Those who successfully complete this Eastland-Fairfield program generally have a job waiting for them at graduation. This program is part of the national AutomotiveYES program that enables qualified students to work alongside master technicians during their senior year and earn a paycheck at the same time. These businesses tend to hire the students full-time upon graduation.

Rev it up.
Most employers are seeking candidates with technical training and experience to work in this field. Go further faster with the availability of credits.
To learn more about college credits at Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools, please visit our college credit web page. College credits also available through the (CT)2 process through the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Shift into high gear.
Prepare for a career in automotive through this program located at both Eastland and Fairfield Career Centers. Areas of study include:

  • transmissions
  • HVAC systems/air conditioning
  • engines
  • performance
  • brakes
  • suspension & steering
  • electrical

 Areas of Study Include:

  • Ground Transportation Maintenance
  • Automotive Braking, Suspension, and Steering Systems
  • Ground Transportation Electrical/Electronics
  • Automotive Engine Performance