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Blizzard Bag image

Apr 3, 2020

Pickerington Local School District

Weeks 3 & 4 Blizzard Bags Are Online

Dear PLSD family, Pickerington Schools is continuing our current protocols with online learning and Blizzard Bag assignments during the extended Coronavirus closure. Kindergarten through 4th grade Blizzard Bag assignments — Weeks 3 and 4 — have been added online. You may print these out or pick up paper copies at your child’s school building during designated […]

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Pickerington Library

Mar 31, 2020

Pickerington Local School District

Pickerington Public Library is Still Here for You

The following is information from our good friends at Pickerington Public Library: Pickerington Public Library is still here for you – even if “here” is somewhere in cyberspace.  As the community maneuvers through the new stay-at-home reality, the library is offering exciting opportunities to assist the public and enable members to utilize traditional services in […]

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Return To Play image

Aug 26, 2020

Pickerington Local School District

Return To Play Guidelines — Phase 3

Members of the community, Now that the Governor has eased his orders regarding contact sports, football and soccer, and OHSAA has given schools the permission to compete against other schools, we can begin playing. Non-contact sports, girls volleyball, boys and girls golf, boys and girls cross country and girls tennis had been given permission earlier […]

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Coronavirus Schools Closed image

Mar 30, 2020

Pickerington Local School District

PLSD In-Person Classes Closed Until May 1 — Letter from Supt. Briggs

Dear PLSD Family, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine ordered all of the state’s K-12 schools to remain closed until May 1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. DeWine said the state will reevaluate whether to remain closed or to resume classes as we get closer to May 1.  Pickerington Schools will continue with our current protocols with online […]

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Back to School forms image

Jul 16, 2021

Pickerington Local School District

Back to School Forms and Info Are Now Online!

As the new school year approaches, we have created a “one stop shop” with all the information you’ll need to get your kids ready for school, including supply lists, the district calendar, online forms, student handbooks, school menus, and easy ways to update your family’s information online. Click the big blue “Back to School Forms […]

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Talking Points Example

Apr 20, 2020

Pickerington Local School District

“TalkingPoints” Program Supports PLSD Non-English Speaking Families

Earlier in the year, the English Learner (EL) Department purchased a program called “TalkingPoints.” It allows Pickerington Schools to better communicate with non-English speaking families. All a family needs is a cell phone number — messages are sent in English to that number, but they are received in the language the family speaks. The family can […]

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Plan for Progress Portrait of a Graduate image

Feb 26, 2020

Pickerington Local School District

Now Online — Feb. P4P Promise Blog Post

The February Plan for Progress Promise blog post by Supt. Dr. Chris Briggs explains our “Portrait of a Graduate,” which paints a picture of what Pickerington Schools students need in order to be successful in our growing and changing economy. After months of research, feedback and brainstorming sessions, the Plan for Progress (P4P) team landed […]

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Ohio's State Tests image

Apr 17, 2020

Pickerington Local School District

State Testing Update — a Message from Supt. Briggs

Dear PLSD family, I would like to take this opportunity to answer some of your questions about State testing. As you know, on March 12, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine ordered all of Ohio’s public, community and private K-12 school buildings to be closed to students due to the ongoing Coronavirus health crisis. On March 18, […]

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K Registration Starts March 15 image

Feb 16, 2021

Pickerington Local School District

2021 Online Kindergarten Registration Starts March 15

Please note: all families (whether new to the district or with existing students) should begin the kindergarten registration process by using the online registration form located on our Enroll webpage on March 15. Kindergarten registration for fall 2021 begins in the district on Monday, March 15, 2021. (The link is active now but the dropdown menu […]

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5 pts
Kevin McChesney
4 pts Kevin McChesney
AP Physics C, AP Physics 1, Physics
Alexandra Gomez
4 pts Alexandra Gomez
Grade 3
Jenny Nihiser
2 pts Jenny Nihiser
English Language Arts/ 5th
Marci Truex
2 pts Marci Truex
Honors Anatomy & Physiology [10-12]; Biology
Laura Mosier
1 pts Laura Mosier
Intervention Specialist (LD/CC)
Thea Nihiser
1 pts Thea Nihiser
Speech Pathologist
Patrick Watts
1 pts Patrick Watts
7th Grade Science
Whitney Robinson
1 pts Whitney Robinson
Assistant Principal
Amy Palmer
1 pts Amy Palmer
Grade 5 English Language Arts/Social Studies
Jodi Becker
1 pts Jodi Becker
4th grade
Kelly Branson
1 pts Kelly Branson
Gifted Intervention Specialist, Grade 4
Heritage (614) 833-6385 / Violet (614) 548-1500
Kelly Branson
1 pts Kelly Branson
Gifted Intervention Specialist, Grade 4
Heritage (614) 833-6385 / Violet (614) 548-1500
Kate Whitt
1 pts Kate Whitt
First Grade
Scott Mackey
1 pts Scott Mackey
3rd grade
(614) 834-7600
Nicole Holland
1 pts Nicole Holland
Intervention Specialist (LD/CC)
Beatrice Horsford
1 pts Beatrice Horsford
Instructional Coach (K-4)
614.834.6200 (SCE) / 614.834.6300 (TGE) / 614.548.1500 (VE)
Christine Miller
1 pts Christine Miller
Intervention Specialist K-4
Shannon Manalac
1 pts Shannon Manalac
First Grade
(614) 548-1400
Kati Mullett
1 pts Kati Mullett
Intervention Specialist
Shannon Murphy
1 pts Shannon Murphy
Intervention Specialist K-4
Lora Skirpan
1 pts Lora Skirpan
Intervention Specialist (LD/CC)
Jodie Martinez
1 pts Jodie Martinez
Health, Exercise Science, Physical Education 7 & 8th grades
Jessica Mackey
1 pts Jessica Mackey
Third Grade Teacher
Denise Luther
1 pts Denise Luther
6th grade ELA
Carly Wells
1 pts Carly Wells
Social Studies/ High School
Monica Marcum
1 pts Monica Marcum
Technology Teacher
614-830-2900 Diley MS / 614-835-2000 Harmon MS
Doug Forrest
1 pts Doug Forrest
High school science (physics) at Pickerington North
614-830-2700 x2758
Tony Duckworth
1 pts Tony Duckworth
Head Custodian
Mary Boucher
1 pts Mary Boucher
Grade 4
Ginger Wahjudi
1 pts Ginger Wahjudi
TEAM INFINITY: 8th Grade Tutoring/Inclusion English & Math
Lisa Lowe
1 pts Lisa Lowe
School Counselor
Christine Anasis
1 pts Christine Anasis
English 9 and 12
Janeen Kuhl
1 pts Janeen Kuhl
Advanced Science 7/Integrated Science
(614) 636-0331
Anisa Bell
1 pts Anisa Bell
Intervention Specialist (ID)
Dan Yeager
1 pts Dan Yeager
Integrated Technology Department Head. Photography; grades 9-12.
Shannon Dinsmore
1 pts Shannon Dinsmore
English Learner (EL) teacher
Jamie Doane
1 pts Jamie Doane
Intervention Specialist - 5th & 6th Grade
Brian Saas
1 pts Brian Saas
Head Custodian
Mary Ellis
1 pts Mary Ellis
Intervention Specialist/Grade 5
Clay Lopez
1 pts Clay Lopez
Board Member
Melissa Allen
1 pts Melissa Allen
English 10, Pre-AP English II, and CCP Composition I, & CCP Composition II
(614) 830-2700 / Extension #: 2843
Rachel Haussler
1 pts Rachel Haussler
Grade 3
Leigh Farrington
1 pts Leigh Farrington
AP Psychology, AP U.S. Government & Politics
614.548.1800 ext. 1902
Mandy Kanzigg
1 pts Mandy Kanzigg
Secondary ELA Instructional Coach
Julie Smith
1 pts Julie Smith
Tracy Robinson
1 pts Tracy Robinson
Integrated Language Arts/College Credit Plus Composition and Literature at Pickerington High School North
Ashley Neuenschwander
1 pts Ashley Neuenschwander
Intervention Specialist (LD/CC)
Kayla Barricklow
1 pts Kayla Barricklow
RTI Teacher
Richard Cooper
1 pts Richard Cooper
Lead Assistant Principal
Aly Eldridge
1 pts Aly Eldridge
Intervention Specialist (MD)
Caroline DePriest
1 pts Caroline DePriest
Speech Language Pathologist
614.830.2700 PHSN; 614.548.1500 VE
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