Our Strategic Plan

In 2015, Pickerington Schools adopted a strategic plan that included our vision, mission and core values, as well as four key goals: Student experience, Fiscal and Resource Management, Operations, and Stakeholder Satisfaction.

Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

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We aspire to be the school district of choice, improving our community and society by opening doors and providing opportunities for every child, every day.

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Our mission is to provide an engaging, innovative and holistic experience that empowers all students to become responsible, productive citizens.

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Student focused

Students are our priority. The development of engaged, active learners and involved, responsible citizens is the primary deciding factor in every aspect of our daily actions and future planning.


Our staff, parents and community work in partnership to ensure Pickerington Schools provide a world-class educational experience and safe environment tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of every child.


We strive to be a leader in public education, a district others aspire to become. We value, support and respect creative approaches to education and innovative solutions to challenges. We expect our staff to take the initiative to remain current on best practices while building on a foundation of research and data.


We cultivate an environment where work and learning are infused with passion and commitment. We recruit, develop and retain highly qualified employees who consistently exhibit a positive example, exemplary attitude, genuine caring and great enthusiasm.

Fiscally responsible

We exhibit financial responsibility by ensuring district resources are aligned with our goals and objectives.

Embracing diversity

We acknowledge and celebrate diversity and affirm the importance of our common humanity. We embrace varying perspectives, cultures and experiences as a doorway to educating children about their roles in our communities and global society.

Goal 1: Student ExperienceToggle content

Pickerington Schools relentlessly pursue academic excellence through a well-rounded, personalized and relevant student experience.

Objectives and strategies

Goal 2: Fiscal / Resource ManagementToggle content

Pickerington Schools will operate in a highly effective, efficient and transparent manner.

Objectives and strategies

Goal 3: OperationsToggle content

Pickerington Schools will provide a safe, nurturing and inviting environment that inspires teaching, promotes learning and sparks creativity.

Objectives and strategies

Goal 4: Stakeholder SatisfactionToggle content

Pickerington Schools uphold our stakeholders’ trust, confidence and pride through open communication and opportunities for engagement.

Objectives and strategies