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Welcome to "Pick Health" School Meal Program


A lunch consists of a meat or meat alternate, grain, fruit, vegetable, and milk. A student may select all 5 items; however, they may choose a minimum of 3 of the 5 items (one of which must be a vegetable or fruit).

If the Food Service Department receives a note from your child's physician noting an allergy to dairy products, the note must indicate the necessity to substitute a juice for a milk. Otherwise, if not stated in the note, the child may get a drink from the water fountain or may purchase a non-dairy alternative drink through the cafeteria.

Lunch Prices

Elementary $2.35
Middle School $2.65
Junior High $2.65 *(other meals available at tiered pricing)
High School $2.65 *(other meals available at tiered pricing)
Reduced Price $.40

*An additional entree can be purchased for an extra charge. Prices may vary.
** Extra milk $.50




Breakfast can be purchased at the following buildings:

Fairfield, Heritage, & Pickerington Tussing Elementary Schools
Diley, Harmon & Toll Gate Middle Schools
Ridgeview Junior High School
Pickerington High School Central

Breakfast regulations include:

• All Whole Grain Rich Items
• Calorie Restrictions – Daily Amount Based on Average for 5-Day Week
• Three Food Components – Fruits/Vegetables, Grains, & Milk

Fruits/Vegetables – 1/2 cup must be offered daily to all age groups

Grains – 1 oz. equivalent of grains must be offered daily to all age groups

Milk – 1 cup of fat free (unflavored or flavored) or low fat must be offered daily to all age groups

Meat/Meat Alternate – currently no requirement to offer meat/meat alternate. Schools may offer a meat/meat alternate in place of part of grains component after the minimum daily grain requirement is offered. A serving of 1 oz. of meat/meat alternate may credit as 1 oz. of grains.


Grades K-5 350-500 calories
Grades 6-8 400-550 calories
Grades 9-12 450-600 calories

Breakfast Prices

K-12 $1.50
Reduced Price $.30


For additional pricing information or dietary concerns, please check with your cafeteria or call the Food Service Department at 614-833-3645.


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