Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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Welcome to the Pickerington Local School District’s transportation information page. Here you will find procedures, policies, statistics, and general information relating to the provision of school bus transportation by the district. School transportation is a service provided in accordance with numerous state and federal standards covering topics ranging from minimum bus service levels and training of bus drivers to construction and operation of school buses.

At a minimum, Ohio public school districts are required by law to provide bus service to all public, non-public, and community school students in grades K-8 who reside two miles or more from their school of attendance.

Transportation of high school students is optional. Like most school districts, Pickerington provides service over and above this minimum standard. Currently, the district provides bus service to students in all grades including those attending pre-school special needs classes. In addition, service is provided for most students who reside one mile or more from their school of attendance.

Where dictated by safety considerations, bus service is also provided to some students who reside closer than one mile from their school of attendance. School transportation is a form of public transportation that is designed to be safe and efficient while serving as many students as possible. It is not an individualized transportation service. As in other forms of public transportation, there is little opportunity to alter or change schedules and routes to meet individual family circumstances.